So, uh, where do you work??

Here’s what happened:

My ever-so-cool cousin came up and showed me how to change my oil. Afterwards We, including my lil bro, dropped the used oil off at O’Reilly’s for recycling before heading out to eat. While the cuz filled out the paperwork (He got volunteered! Ha ha!) me and my bro followed the big guy to the back to dump all our buckets.

While the dumping was in process one of the other workers looked at me and said, “Did we go to school together?”

I had to think a bit because I attended two different colleges and I wasn’t sure if the guy was referring to a college or high school. I betted on high school asking, “Woods Cross?” The answer was affirmative. There wasn’t much to say between us because, well, I didn’t really remember the guy. In these type of situations I usually ask people about school (if I feel they may be going), family (only if I know them well enough), or work (which was the first thing that actually popped into my head). I was “this” close to asking the guy, “Where do you work??” but I saved myself at the last moment and instead said, “Well, I guess I don’t have to ask where you work.”

Man, that was a close one.

Also, note to self: if you don’t want people asking you about the ol’ high school days, don’t wear your very old high school t-shirts out of the house.

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