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EPA Approved All Natural Effective Bug Repellent

Some “all-natural” sprays tote the benefits of essential oils in their repellents but don’t actually use them or use artificial forms of the essential oils that are ineffective. If a spray isn’t EPA approved, you can’t be sure that the spray is proven effective. EPA Approved, Proven Natural Mosquito Repellent TerraShield® is an EPA approved,…

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Beat the Heat Cooling Spray, DIY

Disclaimer: When you use the partner links below, we receive a small commission that supports this content. Thank you! Beat the heat this summer (or anytime you are feeling warm!) with the delicious aroma of this cooling spray. Great for summer heat, hot flashes, or anytime you need to cool off. And the best thing?…

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Top Reasons Why Resolutions, Goals Fail You

This podcast is available on multiple platforms. Go to anchor.fm/livelifeblooming for the complete list. You’ll want to read to the end so you don’t miss out on the time-sensitive offer! There are lots of reasons why resolutions and goals can fail you. Here are the ones I see the most often for others as well…

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