Three Quick Ways to Improve Your Mood

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Give yourself a hug

This may seem silly, and it can certainly feel silly if you aren’t used to doing it, but giving yourself a hug is a proven way to soothe yourself. In her book, Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself (#ThanksForYourSupport #CommissionEarned), Dr. Neff explains that showing yourself a comforting gesture can be just as effective as receiving one from another person. That is, as long as your thoughts are also being kind. Comfort yourself like a good friend, “Poor dear. You are going through a hard time. It’s okay to be sad.”

If hugging yourself seems too strange, try hugging a stuffed animal or pet.


Our emotions are our physiological state of being, which often effects our facial expressions. But did you know that our facial expressions can also affect our emotions? It’s true. Next time you are feeling a little down, try smiling, even if there is no one there to smile at. You could even smile at yourself in the mirror and be silly. Or get yourself some chocolate tea and just smile a nice warm smile.

Diffuse therapeutic grade essential oils

Did you know that your sense of smell has the most direct pathway to your brain? Unlike other senses that go through filtration, the sense of smell ends up in the brain the quickest. It can trigger memories, by reminding us of times we smelled that smell before, and lift, or lower (depending on what we smell), our mood.

Essential oils have powerful chemical compounds (aka constituents) that also affect the brain in positive ways and can help the body and mind heal themselves.

Be careful! You need to be weary of your essential oil quality as there is a huge variety in the safety and efficacy depending on the brand. For example, over 90% of essential oils on the market are synthetic, making them just as harmful to your well-being as fragrances and perfumes (these products have been linked to respiratory disease). Therapeutic grade essential oils are gently extracted from plants and contain the entirety of the complex chemical systems from nature that work so beautifully together with your body to benefit and improve your mood.

I recommend a water-based diffuser as they are gentle on the essential oils. When a diffuser or even essential oil extraction process is gentle, it doesn’t break down the all-important constituents that make these complex compounds so powerful.

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