What Exactly Are Essential Oils?

This podcast is available on multiple platforms. Go to anchor.fm/livelifeblooming for the complete list. In short, essential oils are like the immunity system of the plant. They keep the plant healthy; these complex solutions with powerful chemical compounds, aka constituents, have therapeutic benefits to us as well which aid our bodies and minds in self-healing.Continue reading “What Exactly Are Essential Oils?”

Do you feel like you’re drowning?

Recently I have been feeling like I was drowning and knowing that if I feel that way many others might as well; I posted in my doctorate research slack to check-in with how my friends and advisor were doing. Everyone that responded that first day also felt overwhelmed, were feeling down and less productive, andContinue reading “Do you feel like you’re drowning?”

The proper response

When someone compliments you the proper response contains the following components: First, be nice to yourself. It bothers me in my heart when I compliment someone and they disregard it. Accept the compliment. You’re worth it! Second, don’t be arrogant. Being good at something doesn’t make any single person better than another. We are all God’sContinue reading “The proper response”

Be nice to yourself

It disturbs me when you disregard my compliments. It’s like you don’t have faith in my judgement. Well, I got news for you, honey, my judgement is as accurate as Bourne is deadly. You’re awesome. You’re beautiful. You add value to other people’s lives. You’re more wonderful than sunrise rays and dancing rainbows. And IContinue reading “Be nice to yourself”

Forgetting Isn’t a Bad Thing

This podcast is available on multiple platforms. See the complete list of platforms on anchor.fm/livelifeblooming Forgetting has gotten a bad wrap. I think it’s because we get yelled at as kids for forgetting our homework, our chores, showering… Heck, we get yelled at as adults for forgetting things! But forgetting in and of itself isn’tContinue reading “Forgetting Isn’t a Bad Thing”