Did you know you could safely decrease labor time with a simple diet addition?

This one is for all the pregnant ladies! DATES (The fruit, not the night out) can decrease the length of labor and post-delivery bleeding. WHAT?!?! This isn't something to take lightly. Post-delivery bleeding is a leading cause of death for women! Eat our dates ladies! You can checkout the science behind dates and labor on … Continue reading Did you know you could safely decrease labor time with a simple diet addition?

What Exactly Are Essential Oils?

This podcast is available on multiple platforms. Go to anchor.fm/livelifeblooming for the complete list. In short, essential oils are like the immunity system of the plant. They keep the plant healthy; these complex solutions with powerful chemical compounds, aka constituents, have therapeutic benefits to us as well which aid our bodies and minds in self-healing. … Continue reading What Exactly Are Essential Oils?

Do you feel like you’re drowning?

Recently I have been feeling like I was drowning and knowing that if I feel that way many others might as well; I posted in my doctorate research slack to check-in with how my friends and advisor were doing. Everyone that responded that first day also felt overwhelmed, were feeling down and less productive, and … Continue reading Do you feel like you’re drowning?

The BRIT diet

I've been very sick lately, and as a result, I have been eating extremely mild foods -- been on the clear liquids diet thrice now! The Italian Icee has actually been a great "clear liquid" for me. They're very mild. Apple Juice was even too much. So I've been chowing down on jello, Italian Icees, … Continue reading The BRIT diet