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Pooping shouldn’t hurt

If you’re bathroom habits involve more pain than release, then girl we gotta talk about your poop! I know. Pooping is not a glamorous task, but digesting is a major part of life and when any part of that system is hurting, it majorly effects our lives and even our family! If you are hurting, you are not alone, but it is also not normal: A healthy person won’t have pain when they poop. In fact, a healthy person won’t experience digestive pains anywhere in their system.

I’ve been in so much pain while in the bathroom before just praying to the Lord to help this too to pass. I have IBS, a diagnosis I was told that the doctors give when something is clearly wrong but they don’t know what. I was on so many different medications with various, and major side effects. In the morning I would ask myself, “Do I want to be constipated today? Or have diarrhea?” It was an important question because if I had to go anywhere then that meant I had to be constipated because I couldn’t hook a toilet up to my butt!

To escape this horrific cycle I started researching effective natural solutions. I spent years researching, 1000s of dollars learning, and just as long experimenting on myself and my little family. And now I can manage my IBS with ZERO medications and go out with friends and not miss out! Plus, I did it all naturally.

Learn my Digestive Ease method for healing your digestive system with home remedies and without the woo-woo (i.e., this is a strategy that works!) so you can be with friends, loved ones, and even a nice night in with yourself, with peace of mind. Instead of a night in the bathroom! This information isn’t available anywhere else!

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Don’t delay! You deserve to have digestive ease naturally now!

Enjoy your life again without the constant worry of where a toilet is:

Mom Burnout Is Your Soul Screaming for Nutrients

I know, despite its rewards, being a mom isn’t always easy. (If it is ever easy!) While there are resources for how to parent, the “MOM” in the equation gets ignored. THIS ISN’T RIGHT. Your needs and desires are important! When they go ignored, unfulfilled, and especially dismissed it creates a very real, deep pain.

You may think that you deserve this pain or can ignore it, but when you do that you cause damage to yourself and to your family, especially your daughters. Because when you don’t get cared for even by yourself, you are teaching your children and your spouse that you are not important, you don’t deserve respect, and your dreams don’t matter. You’re teaching them that Moms’ needs don’t matter and that effects the next generation of moms too!

My premium program, Loving Life and Motherhood, will show you how to fix this without the mom guilt!

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