Hello Lovely!

Whether this is your first visit or one of many, we always love having you here! We’re committed to helping moms, like you, escape the supermom marathon, define their own trajectory, and flourish in their purposes🌸 without sacrificing their health, sanity, and wellbeing, because, Lovely, your health, sanity, and wellness are important!

You are the kind of person who is willing to work, but you don’t always know what exactly you should be doing or where you should be spending your time to make what you want to happen, HAPPEN! Otherwise you’d be doing it and you’d already have what you want!

If that’s you, then you are so in the right place! Also, you’re a great Mom! I just wanted to tell you that.

Looking for where to start?

Start with the wellness blog or take advantage of the resources, especially the free ones, under the “Resources” menu item above!

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About the Founder

Hello again Lovely! I’m Nancy N. Blackburn, a previously struggling soul just held back only be my lack of knowledge. I broke into the games industry in 2014 and could finally afford a good meal whenever I wanted. In 2019, I became a stepmama, and now help other mamas break free from identities that are not serving them or their families, set a course that empowers them and fulfills their God-given purposes without sacrificing family nor their own personal happiness and wellness. I would love to help you too!

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