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We always love having you here! We’re committed to helping moms, like you, let go of the need to be supermom everything at the expense of themselves! Here, you will flourish in your purposes🌸 without sacrificing your wellbeing, dreams, and life satisfaction, because those things are so SUPER important for you and your family!

Despite its rewards, being a mom isn’t always (ever?) easy. While there are resources for children and parents, moms don’t always get the support they need for their own personal health, wellness, and sanity!

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A Note from the Founder, Nancy N. Blackburn

As a wellness mentor and leader, I help mamas like you lead their families to improved wellness and life fulfillment. It all starts with you, momma! You rock!

Be proud of your accomplishments!

I share mine with you only to let you know that even dreams you thought were dead can be rejuvenated, and life can be beautiful and balanced, even when it’s crazy!

  • Over 15 years of holistic, essential oil experience.
  • Got married at 35 (Never say never!)! So now, in addition to wife, I’m a stepmama, rescue fur mama, and angel baby mama.
  • My first business was a Who’s Who!
  • Broke into the games industry as a gameplay programmer / technical game designer with three published titles.
  • After 20 years, I’m finally a published scientist!

Several of these are dreams I thought would never, never ever, come true! But with some determination, the right mindset, and the right mentors, they are all realities now!

Let’s make your dreams & goals a reality! Start with your free consultation!

I’m looking forward to our time together and taking part in your awesome adventure!

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