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Helping professional women with difficult children escape survivor mode and mom burnout so they can enjoy life & motherhood without the mom guilt & without giving up on their dreams. Discover how!

Our Focus

We’re committed to helping moms, like you, recover and renew from mom burn-out and put moms back in charge of their personal and family wellness because MOM KNOWS BEST! Here you will 🌸flourish, enjoy WELLNESS FREEDOM, and have fun!

I know, despite its rewards, being a mom isn’t always easy (If it is ever easy!). We’ve found that while there are resources for children and how to parent children, living a full, satisfying, amazing life resources don’t exist for moms! It’s all children this, and husband that. But guess what, taking care of yourself is super important because if you don’t take care of you, then you’re teaching your children and husband the same thing: they don’t have to take care of themselves, and they don’t have to respect you either.

It all starts with you mama! If you don’t stand up and care for yourself, no one else will! And there is a very real, deep pain when that happens.

Let us help you heal and enjoy life again! And if you’ve never enjoyed life, then it’s time to start!

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Suffering from mom burnout? Lost yourself? Have you forgotten your dreams?

I’ve been there and moved on to a beautiful life. I will help you too! Let’s start by taking care of you, reigniting your passions, and helping you gently restructure your life so you can pursue what’s important to you and your family.

Let’s make your dreams your reality with Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching! Just click below!👇🏽

Don’t wait! The current pricing won’t last long! There’s no further commitment required, and whether you choose to continue working with me or not, you’ll leave with individualized ideas to help you on your holistic lifestyle and wellness journey.

Don’t you have dreams to create?! Let’s make the time right now and start creating the life you’ve been dreaming of a reality! Just click the button above and schedule your free consultation! I’m looking forward to our time together, getting to know you, and taking part in your awesome adventure!

AromaTouch Technique

Bring the body back to homeostasis, relax, renew, and reinvigorate.

Aromatic Guided Meditation

Relax into this guided meditation to connect with your brilliant inner self.

Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching & Mentoring

Your personal guide to recovery from sacrifice burnout, achieving wellness freedom, and truly flourishing life and enjoying every moment!

Live Life Blooming

Founded in 2019 by Nancy N. Blackburn: 15+ years of holistic natural solutions experience and 5+ years of mentoring & coaching experience; multiple certifications.

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