Did you know you could safely decrease labor time with a simple diet addition?

This one is for all the pregnant ladies! DATES (The fruit, not the night out) can decrease the length of labor and post-delivery bleeding. WHAT?!?!

This isn’t something to take lightly. Post-delivery bleeding is a leading cause of death for women! Eat our dates ladies! You can checkout the science behind dates and labor on NutritionFacts.org.

Not pregnant? Well, as a wholefood, dates are a healthy way to add sweetness to your diet at any time and for anybody!

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Dates are easy to add to your diet

Here are some great ways that I like to eat dates, no recipe required!

  1. Enjoy on their own. They’re sweet and sticky!
  2. I really like to add them to my smoothies as the “sweetener.”, and since they are a wholefood, it’s a very healthy way to add sweetness! For a personal, 16oz smoothie I add anywhere from 3-6 dates depending on how sweet I want it.
  3. Open up the date, removing the pit and any hard bit, and stuff them with unsweetened shredded coconut, peanut butter, or cacao nibs and enjoy. Yummy!

Get your dates here!

I always bulk buy my dates from amazon. Of course you can buy them anywhere that carries them. I just like to have plenty on hand. And if you’re following the science, then you need to add six dates a day for the benefits. So stock up! (#ThankYouForYourSupport #CommissionsEarned)

Just remember the pits!

I never buy “pitted” dates because you aren’t guaranteed to have the entire pit removed. So one day I’m enjoying a smoothie and the next I’m at the dentist getting a chipped tooth fixed. So now I just split my dates open with a butter knife and remove the pit myself. That way I know for sure the entire pit, and any hard part of the fruit that shouldn’t be chewed, has been removed.

Have a friend/family member who is pregnant?

Be sure to share this with them!

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