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My Happiness is My Responsibility

I am absolutely in LOVE with this man! My husband’s kindness, care, and giggles warm my heart. I really love making this man giggle. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. I am amazed…

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EPA Approved All Natural Effective Bug Repellent

Some “all-natural” sprays tote the benefits of essential oils in their repellents but don’t actually use them or use artificial forms of the essential oils that are ineffective. If a spray isn’t EPA approved, you can’t be sure that the spray is proven effective. EPA Approved, Proven Natural Mosquito Repellent TerraShield® is an EPA approved,Continue reading “EPA Approved All Natural Effective Bug Repellent”

Holistic, Natural Solutions for Bug & Pest Control in the Great Outdoors (and Your Backyard)

Disclaimer: When you use the partner links below, we receive a small commission that supports this content. Thank you! Last year my husband and I spent a fortune on toxic pest control. We were frequently overcharged, worried about contamination, and the whole thing was a headache! This year we felt there had to be aContinue reading “Holistic, Natural Solutions for Bug & Pest Control in the Great Outdoors (and Your Backyard)”


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