Striving for High Self-Esteem Is So Overrated

The podcast is available on multiple platforms. Go to for the complete list. According to Merriam Dictionary self-esteem means: a confidence and satisfaction in oneself. Any person with a healthy mentality then should have high self-esteem, right? Then why is that so many people struggle with self (or professionally) proclaimed self-esteem? In a competitiveContinue reading “Striving for High Self-Esteem Is So Overrated”

The proper response

When someone compliments you the proper response contains the following components: First, be nice to yourself. It bothers me in my heart when I compliment someone and they disregard it. Accept the compliment. You’re worth it! Second, don’t be arrogant. Being good at something doesn’t make any single person better than another. We are all God’sContinue reading “The proper response”