Facing the facebook facts! It’s snowing!

It all started as a beautiful, but windy, sunny day on Tuesday 4/14. I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious that the weather app says it’s dreary. ~Nichole Then, the storm came in. It has been snowing pretty consistently since it started yesterday. Fact from Facebook: It has snowed more in spring thisContinue reading “Facing the facebook facts! It’s snowing!”

The BRIT diet

I’ve been very sick lately, and as a result, I have been eating extremely mild foods — been on the clear liquids diet thrice now! The Italian Icee has actually been a great “clear liquid” for me. They’re very mild. Apple Juice was even too much. So I’ve been chowing down on jello, Italian Icees,Continue reading “The BRIT diet”

You know you’re really sick when…

Hey! I found this really funny list on fancynancypants.me and thought you’d enjoy it: You know you are really sick when… You’re thinking, “I already know I’m really sick!” You try to make yourself throw up just to see if it will help you feel better On a scale from “dead” to “wonderfully healthy” you feelContinue reading “You know you’re really sick when…”