Love you Grandpa Denning!

I hope you're having a lot of fun in heaven, causing trouble, drinking Pepsi, eating Red Hots, and making everyone there feel as loved as you made me feel. "Love you more times infinity!"

Is it February yet?

I really want to put up my pinks and reds and hearts, but it's January and January isn't all hearts; it's more all cold, wet, white, and full of grumpy people. Wait. Why am I confining myself to conventions of society? I'm going red and pink and all hearty right now! ... I forgot the … Continue reading Is it February yet?

Ice storm

Experienced my second ever ice storm yesterday. I asked my dad when the last one in Utah (where I live) was and he said, "The day you were born." Well, I start things out right! 😉

The path of the dogs…

The path of the gods! ... er dogs?? Ha ha ha! (Don't get it?? Read Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles and you'll understand, maybe.) If nothing else, my nephew is sticking cute, no?! 😀

From the “archives”: Snowed out

So, I totally filmed this video back in October and then never had the time to edit it, until now! ENJOY!


A note to my AWESOME readers, but especially you: This time of year is always super busy for everyone. That's what makes it so much fun! But it also makes it hard to get everything done you want to, which is why I haven't had the time to upload everything that I've been planning to, … Continue reading Busy


God is wonderful! "Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy." 2 Ne 2:25 Thanks God for giving me so many rich, beautiful blessings: my family, my friends, lots of work to do, music, painted skies, MOUNTAINS!, fall, the calm of winter, books, poems, science, math, Christmas, delicious food!, … Continue reading Joy

Fun added

After my last post, I think you forgot the fun!, I got some interesting comments and emails. Let me assure you, they all made me laugh! But Deborah has a good point here: "Nancy always brings the fun. How could you forget the fun, Nancy?!" Let me explain. No, that will take too long. Let me sum-up: … Continue reading Fun added

I think you forgot the fun!

"If it's not fun then I think you forgot the fun Nancy." ~Preston Tanner Well, there are some things you don't want to forget. 😉