Introverts Can Be Just As Successful As Extroverts

The podcast is available on multiple platforms. Go to for the complete list. As a self-aware introvert nothing gets me more excited than some downtime: preferably alone! Yet my daily work, especially as a game developer, often involves a collaborative effort with others, which I enjoy. It just means that it’s important for meContinue reading “Introverts Can Be Just As Successful As Extroverts”

I didn’t want to know that

The bro: When I wake up my face hurts. (Understandably as he had surgery a few weeks back. I sympathize.) Me: I’m sorry bro. I woke up last night because my uterus hurts. The bro: (frowns) I didn’t want to know that. Me: … it actually still really hurts. The bro: tmi! TMI!!! He didn’tContinue reading “I didn’t want to know that”

More Trouble…

I really want to name one of my children Trouble. Another will be Random. I think the third (triplets of course!) will be Mischief. Also, these will be their first names, so when they’re asked if Trouble (or Random, or Mischief) is their middle name they can say, “No, Trouble is my first name, I goContinue reading “More Trouble…”

Go Get Them!

Well! It has been a long, hard, fantastic, crazy year for me! I started a new business as an essential oil wellness advocate, a new blog, and my master’s program in Entertainment Arts and Engineering (aka video game development) at the University of Utah on the engineering track. I have had three different jobs, twoContinue reading “Go Get Them!”

A Shoe. (Bless You!)

What is your call in life, and what does it have to do with shoes?? I can’t tell you the first (that is between you and God), but I can tell you the second: EVERYTHING! 😉 Then again, maybe I can help you with the first in some small way… (Watch A Shoe. (Bless You!) onContinue reading “A Shoe. (Bless You!)”

Happiness Is…

A text good morning from a cute boy! A beautiful spring day! Sitting alone, closing your eyes, building up the energetic feeling of a warm and cozy fireplace, sunshine, and the scent of roses, and then having your sister and friend come sit by you! Star Trek! Rice pudding. Playing Left for Dead 2 withContinue reading “Happiness Is…”

Happiness is…

A beautiful Saturday. Getting crazy good hands for 500 and winning in two turns! Feeling incompetent and then having Deborah tell me, “You’re an excellent writer! Everything you write is awesome!” Wondering if I should go forward with a crazy bold proposal and having Deborah tell me I’m totally justified in doing so and IContinue reading “Happiness is…”