Create A New You Strategy That Works!

Arbitrary new year’s resolutions and goals will fail you, often leaving you back where you started or worse!

Sick of new year’s resolutions that fail you? Sick of those big goals you seem to never achieve, but desperately desire? Or maybe you’ve entered a new phase of life and feel you are wandering, wondering what to do next. New year’s resolutions and arbitrary goals won’t help you find yourself!

I’ve been there. Working to set arbitrary goals and resolutions that fail time and time again. Feeling unsatisfied and depressed even when I accomplished big goals like paying in full over $100,000 in debt, surviving severe depression, breaking into a coveted industry into a coveted position, and achieving my bachelor’s. Though I am still proud of these things, the sense of accomplishment faded, especially, since I was white-knuckling my way through, once the goal was achieved, I soon found myself back where I started or in an even worse state! Arbitrary new year’s resolutions and goals just don’t work long term! That’s the problem.

There’s a Better Way… One That Fills You With Fulfillment and Peace

That’s why I created the New You Strategy. Now, instead of sliding backward and feeling that sense of emptiness after a goal, I feel accomplished, grateful, and enjoy my life. So sure, I’ve survived depression, but now I LIVE! Before I hopped from relationship to relationship, now I romance my husband (So much more fun!). Before I yo-yo’ed in and out of debt, now I have a strategy to build long-term financial wellness with plenty in the bank for short-term emergencies and have gained the wisdom to know when taking a loan is acceptable for my family’s financial wellness. Yes, I broke into a coveted industry, but now I’m building a life-long pursuit of passion! Before it was about achievements, now it’s about all the times in-between too.

I designed Creating Your New You Strategy to help myself lead a more fulfilling, rest-based (yep, there’s time for self-care and self-love mamas! Spa day anyone?!), and satisfying life. One I know I’ll be proud of when it’s my time to die, and oh yeah, I’m going to enjoy it all along the way!

Now I’m making it available to you too!

I have absolutely loved working with Nancy. At first, I wasn’t even sure what to focus on to improve my life. Nancy patiently listened and helped me shape all of my hopes/dreams/challenges into an overall theme that is helping me change my life. She has helped me set specific goals and taught me that in order to improve, you need to track… It’s fun to see your improvement and growth! Nancy’s encouragement, love, keen insights, and specific plans have helped me grow in areas I have felt stuck in for years.”

~ Elizabeth Egbert

What is Creating Your New You Strategy?

Creating Your New You Strategy is a guided group mentoring event held online. No prep necessary! Just you, some note-taking tools (laptop/pen and paper), a desire to become more, and probably some chocolate tea. (I might be obsessed with it!) Since we’re online, you can totally wear your comfy clothes while you create your awesome future! COME JOIN US!

Guided Experience

This guided experience directs you through how to create a personalized New You Strategy which sets you up for a life of success and satisfaction.

Group Benefits

There’s power in the group, insights, and support, you won’t want to miss out on!

We need the light and gifts God gave you too!

BONUS Session

Invite your gal pals! When you and one or more of your friends join us, you and your enrolled friends will receive a special BONUS group mentoring session!

Just email Live Life Blooming with your names once you’ve enrolled and you’ll be added to the bonus session!

What will you risk if you don’t join?

You can go alone, but risk being stuck exactly as you are: picking arbitrary goals that never bring you lasting satisfaction, yo-yo you around, and missing the opportunity to fully share your divine light and spirit!

If You Don’t Know Where to Invest Your Money…

A very savvy financial advisor once told me:

“If you don’t know where to invest your money, invest in yourself.”

Best advice ever!

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours learning and improving this system. Other programs can cost several hundred dollars and last full weekends and may not even deliver the results you want. You don’t have to do that! I’ve already done it for you! You’ll receive a solid foundation in just a few hours and for less than take out!

Only for a Limited Time with Limited Spots!

Don’t delay joining us! Creating Your New You Strategy is only offered for a limited time and has limited spots available!

Upcoming Creating Your New You Strategy Dates/Times (All locations are currently online):


  • Future classes TBD
  • Jan 25, 2022 at noon-1 pm MT (This session will meet a second time on Feb 1, 2022, same time)
  • Feb 5, 2022, 9 am- 11 am MT
  • Feb 12, 2022, 9 am- 11 am MT

Purpose & Wellness Mentor

  • Nancy N. Blackburn, Founder

It’s Easy to Join!

Just select any button (or this link), choose “Creating Your New You Strategy” under “Group Mentoring”, choose the next available date and time, and then follow the prompts. Upon completion, an email confirmation will be sent to you. Easy Peasy!

Now you’ve read it all! It’s time to get started on your new life Beautiful! Just tap the button, and then follow the prompts to book “Creating Your New You Strategy” under “Group Mentoring”.

I am so looking forward to meeting your new you! She’s awesome-er!! (Because you know you’re already awesome, right!?)

Time to get started, Beautiful!