There aren’t very many things in this world that are permanent. There are some things that last for a very brief moment — like a kiss; there are some things that last longer than we wish like unwanted permanent marker marks; there are some things that last for a very long time — like theContinue reading “Permanent”

What is this about??

So my friend Paige asked me today, So, uh, what’s up with fancy nancy pants? Um, it’s just my blog. Oh yeah, well I think it’s cool, and I like it (with her hand over her heart so you know it was sincere), but… what’s it all about?? (shoulder shrug) I don’t know. It’s just awesome.Continue reading “What is this about??”

I love fall!

I love fall!! It is absolutely my favorite season. The colors of the leaves, fall hikes, cold-crisp air, the fashions, pumpkin spice flavored soaps, shampoos, ice cream, pies, everything!! And let’s not forget Halloween and Thanksgiving. I mean, can you think of any better holidays other than Christmas?? I JUST LOVE IT!! This time ofContinue reading “I love fall!”

Another fairy tale

My mommy wrote me a fairy tale. I thought it only fitting to post it on her wedding anniversary. You’re the best Mom!! Love Note from Mom: Another fairy tale Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl but all she had was old dirty rags to live in. She lived in a terrible place that keptContinue reading “Another fairy tale”

What’s Life without a Little Fun?

This podcast is available on multiple platforms. See the complete list of platforms on After my last post, I think you forgot the fun!, I got some interesting comments and emails. Let me assure you, they all made me laugh! But Deborah has a good point here: “Nancy always brings the fun. How could you forgetContinue reading “What’s Life without a Little Fun?”