Wake me up when September ends

For the longest time I kept looking at my calender and it was still on September. I finally changed it, but now it’s on October and it’s November. And when I looked up to see what time it was, yep, my clock’s still an hour ahead. I don’t think anyone ever woke me up… Wait,Continue reading “Wake me up when September ends”


My little brother’s Facebook post today: I’m just gonna get some work done here HEY SOMEBODY’S ONLINE. I’ll just tell them hi real quick. 2 hours later….. oh crap. It’s okay bro! We’ve all done it! Although mine also involves youtube, newsie, and blog subscriptions: I’ll just read this one real quick… 2 hours later I’mContinue reading “HEY SOMEBODY’S ONLINE”

So, uh, where do you work??

Here’s what happened: My ever-so-cool cousin came up and showed me how to change my oil. Afterwards We, including my lil bro, dropped the used oil off at O’Reilly’s for recycling before heading out to eat. While the cuz filled out the paperwork (He got volunteered! Ha ha!) me and my bro followed the bigContinue reading “So, uh, where do you work??”

Bunnies! (A conversation with my little sister)

Late on a Saturday night some time in September 2012 while working on some differential equations: Me (agitated; loudly and with large arm gestures): This is all fisheries! I haven’t done fisheries! If it were rabbits I could easily do it! I’ve done rabbits!! Me & Deborah: … Me (slightly subdued): That sounded bad. Deborah:Continue reading “Bunnies! (A conversation with my little sister)”