Flavored Hot Chocolate

I love my Hot Chocolate which doesn’t come flavored. And while I also like some of the flavored hot chocolates out there, some of them taste funny, and others are either too expensive, or I only like a glass or two and then they just sit there. So what to do when you want something flavored?Continue reading “Flavored Hot Chocolate”

How to solve any math problem even if you don’t know how to do it

I’ve tutored lots of people in math over the years and the one thing that gets most people in math is they’ll look at the problem and think, “I don’t know how to solve that.” So they don’t try anything and instead they just throw down their pencil, fold their arms, and sulk. When, ifContinue reading “How to solve any math problem even if you don’t know how to do it”

Very happily healthy

While everyone at work is losing their voice and coming down with the flu I very happily haven’t gotten more than a scratchy throat and a light cough! Thank you Immune Blend, lemon, and oregano!! 😀 Whenever you feel yourself coming down with something just swish, gargle and swallow an Immune Blend and oregano (ifContinue reading “Very happily healthy”

PINK, pink, Pink, PiNk!

I have worked at Victoria’s Secret for many a year and one comment that I just can’t stand anymore is the comment of, “That’s not PINK!” Because it is!! And I’m sick and tired of these stupid comments to the point of dying my hair pink (not really) and ripping it out (definitely not really)! It’sContinue reading “PINK, pink, Pink, PiNk!”