Beautifully Broken

Like if you're beautifully broken, and share with everyone who needs to know they're beautifully broken too! ~I think you're beautiful! Xx Fancy Nancy Pants

In bed ;)

Lying in bed reading a book on a fabulous day. $latex \sum$[each perfect book reading moment] = a perfect afternoon

Out of Every Heart

There isn't enough love going around which is odd because the thing I've found Is love when given from the heart fills up each person's part; And long from taking and depleting love is sustaining and repleting. But love must be continually given or out of every heart be driven. For fear, and hate, and … Continue reading Out of Every Heart

One Song

I smile. He's not here to annoy anymore. I can do whatever I want. I can listen to this one song over and over again. No one to annoy, or bother, or be bothered by. Sometimes there's only that one song which is all there is that speaks to the soul. Just that one song. … Continue reading One Song

Another fairy tale

My mommy wrote me a fairy tale. I thought it only fitting to post it on her wedding anniversary. You're the best Mom!! Love Note from Mom: Another fairy tale Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl but all she had was old dirty rags to live in. She lived in a terrible place that kept … Continue reading Another fairy tale