You know you’re really sick when…

Hey! I found this really funny list on and thought you’d enjoy it: You know you are really sick when… You’re thinking, “I already know I’m really sick!” You try to make yourself throw up just to see if it will help you feel better On a scale from “dead” to “wonderfully healthy” you feelContinue reading “You know you’re really sick when…”

Bunnies! (A conversation with my little sister)

Late on a Saturday night some time in September 2012 while working on some differential equations: Me (agitated; loudly and with large arm gestures): This is all fisheries! I haven’t done fisheries! If it were rabbits I could easily do it! I’ve done rabbits!! Me & Deborah: … Me (slightly subdued): That sounded bad. Deborah:Continue reading “Bunnies! (A conversation with my little sister)”