The Brit Diet Revisited and the New Diet

So this is kind of sad. I had to read my own blog to remember what I’ve posted about being sick/recovering; when I reread my “BRIT diet” post I realized quite quickly what BRIT really stands for: Broth, Rootbeer popsicles, Italian Icees, and Tea (in particular peppermint tea, my favorite). Sounds like the best clear liquid dietContinue reading “The Brit Diet Revisited and the New Diet”

Facing the facebook facts! It’s snowing!

It all started as a beautiful, but windy, sunny day on Tuesday 4/14. I don’t know why, but I find it hilarious that the weather app says it’s dreary. ~Nichole Then, the storm came in. It has been snowing pretty consistently since it started yesterday. Fact from Facebook: It has snowed more in spring thisContinue reading “Facing the facebook facts! It’s snowing!”

More Trouble…

I really want to name one of my children Trouble. Another will be Random. I think the third (triplets of course!) will be Mischief. Also, these will be their first names, so when they’re asked if Trouble (or Random, or Mischief) is their middle name they can say, “No, Trouble is my first name, I goContinue reading “More Trouble…”

This Is Me

Video game developer, writer, editor, blogger, mathematician, family member (sister, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, cousin, niece), friend, crocheter, reader, essential oil wellness advocate, pseudo artist, shower singer, follower of Christ, miserably flawed, eternally grateful for Christ’s atonement. FUN! Making other people smile; making them laugh, especially when they’ve been crying. Mischievous, witty, horrible speller (Thank youContinue reading “This Is Me”