Death is not the End!

I feel like death surrounds me intimately. Not my own death, but the death of loved ones and loved ones of friends. My heart aches for us in our losses, for the Lord told us that we would live in so much love that we would mourn the passing of those we loved (D&C 42:45).Continue reading “Death is not the End!”

Have you written anyone any letters?

When I was little I bemoaned to my sister Liza that no one ever wrote me letters. I mentioned it a few times, especially every time she got a letter when I did not. She then asked me something that changed my life: “Nancy, have you written anyone any letters?” After pondering it for aContinue reading “Have you written anyone any letters?”

The proper response

When someone compliments you the proper response contains the following components: First, be nice to yourself. It bothers me in my heart when I compliment someone and they disregard it. Accept the compliment. You’re worth it! Second, don’t be arrogant. Being good at something doesn’t make any single person better than another. We are all God’sContinue reading “The proper response”

Moving forward

It’s okay. I’m afraid, and I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s okay. It’s okay because I know what I want. However, I’ve been delaying working on it because I am afraid — frightfully terrorized — that my work will somehow not be my best, or if it is that it won’t be good enough. But,Continue reading “Moving forward”

I have no idea what I’m doing…

I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m afraid, I’m breaking new ground in my life and it’s scaring me %*$less. but just maybe… After scarring myself thinking of all the bad things that could possibly happen, I realized that I’ve solved hundreds, thousands, of math problems that I didn’t have the slightest ideaContinue reading “I have no idea what I’m doing…”

PINK, pink, Pink, PiNk!

I have worked at Victoria’s Secret for many a year and one comment that I just can’t stand anymore is the comment of, “That’s not PINK!” Because it is!! And I’m sick and tired of these stupid comments to the point of dying my hair pink (not really) and ripping it out (definitely not really)! It’sContinue reading “PINK, pink, Pink, PiNk!”