Live Life Blooming Founder, Nancy N. Blackburn

Hello Lovely!

You are going to love being here! I founded Live Life Blooming to empower lovely mamas (such as yourself!) to be in command of their personal and family wellness, so they have the energy and resources to focus on the things that matter most: faith, family & friends, and their purpose!

Unlike the healthcare system which takes power from the individual, I help mamas take their power back so that their wellness care is accessible, effective, and affordable.

Let’s get you back in charge of your wellness!

Let’s Put YOU Back in Charge!

If you are driven, passionate, and willing to put in the effort, we can get you to where you want to go. What I’ll help you do:

  • Empower you to flourish in your God-given purpose!
  • Implement proven strategies to get you to your goals.
  • Let go of whatever is holding you back
  • Create time and money freedom for you and your family (even if making money isn’t a goal, you can still create money freedom!)
  • Balance your purpose, family, and wellness so you can have joy, fulfillment, satisfaction, and peace every day.

There’s so much more in life for you to do and enjoy! It would be a great loss to the world for you to not do, experience, and share all that God put you here for! Let’s get you started on that path right now! Just click the button and follow the prompts to claim your free consultation!

I’m excited and honored to be a part of your amazing journey!

Hey social bugs! Let’s connect!

From Spotify to Instagram and more in between, let’s connect everywhere because you’re awesome and I’m fun!

God Made You Great!

Did you know that empowered women ate less likely to become victims of human trafficking? I believe they are also less likely to be victims of any crime. That’s why I want to help empower as many women as I can to live their purposes full on!

Life is meant for living your purpose full on! That is what Living Life Blooming is all about! The greatest joys and peace come from fulfilling what God has sent you here to do!

I am proud to be able to list these accomplishments. With hard work, perseverance, and learning how to improve my personal processes and systems along the way, I was blessed to achieve many things I am proud of, and look forward to many more to come!

  • Holistic Wellness Mentor
    • Daughters of Light Group Mentor, 2015
    • Certified: Skin Care and Advanced Color Consultant
  • Over 20 years of Self-Employed/Business experience
    • Over 15 years as a Premier Leader sharing Holistic Essential Oil Wellness knowledge and products
    • Marketing Impact Academy Alum
    • Founded Nancys Do-Gooders, a complete volunteer organization, 2015
    • Founded Art of the Written Word, LLC, 2010-2014
    • Who’s Who for Women in Business, 2011
  • Life Accomplishments
    • Doctoral student in HCC at a prestigious American Association University.
    • Master Entertainment Arts and Engineering (MEAE), 2018
    • Broke into the extremely competitive Video Games industry.
    • Published three award-winning video game titles
    • Paid back all personal debt and increased my credit score by 200 points!
    • Bachelor’s in Mathematics, 2007
    • Wife, Stepmama (aka Mama), Fur Mama, Angel Baby Mama, Aunt of 25+ wonderful niblings

What’s your list? What have you accomplished? It is good to look back and celebrate these wins. Even, perhaps especially, the small ones! Whether your list is long, short, or you feel it’s nonexistent, and no matter how you feel about the things on your list, you are here for great things!

What do we have in common?

We don’t have to have anything in common to have joy in our relationships, but it’s always fun to talk about the passions, pursuits, and hobbies we have in common. Here are some things I enjoy:

  • Games! Playing, researching, and creating!
  • Herbal Tea parties!
  • Quiet, clandestine service
  • Movement: yoga, soccer, scenic hikes, walking, family bike rides, etc.
  • Camping and hiking with loved ones
  • Mixed Media Arts & Crafts including crochet, fine arts, jewelry, writing, and papercrafts
  • Curling up in bed with a good book
  • Continual self-improvement
  • Celebrating little things
  • Meditation and gratitude prayers (In nature or my zen corner)
  • Bubble baths!
  • Making my kiddos and their cousins LAUGH!

🦋 Guiding Maxims

Throughout my life I’ve gathered and created new maxims to live by. When I’m afraid to act, when the going gets tough, I remember these and move forward.

  • God loves effort, and effort yields great rewards!
  • If it matters to you, it matters to God!
  • Never suppress a generous thought.
  • True faith and love take action!
  • Faith and family FIRST, purposeful work (whether career, business, or side-hustle) SECOND, fun ALWAYS!!
  • Life was meant for having fun!
  • Show up! to go UP!
  • Breath and be brave!
  • Make it messy! Do it scared! Refine as you go and let confidence catch up to you!
  • There’s a solution to every problem. If there wasn’t a solution, then it wouldn’t be a problem!
  • Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end!
  • Persistence is key.
  • What you nurture grows.
  • Christ makes all things new.

No More Waiting for Someday!

The best time to start your journey to greater peace and happiness is now because now is the only time we can take action! We can’t change the past, we can only affect our future by acting in our present. So take that action step now towards your better future.

God loves effort. Show God you are willing to work by clicking the button above and start your someday today! I’m so excited to get to meet and work with you in making your life wonderfully full of beautiful blossoms and blessings!