Moving forward

It’s okay. I’m afraid, and I don’t know what I’m doing, but it’s okay. It’s okay because I know what I want. However, I’ve been delaying working on it because I am afraid — frightfully terrorized — that my work will somehow not be my best, or if it is that it won’t be good enough.


But, as I reread It’s okay,” I realized something more: I’m going to do everything I can to get what I want. So if my best isn’t good enough I’m going to ask what I need to do more so that it will be good enough; then I’m going to do it.


I want this. I’m going to get it; I feel it’s what I’m meant to do, and it’s worth fighting for. So in the end if I don’t get it, it’ll be okay. But dang it all if I don’t give it my all!


Just jump for it!

Published by Nancy N. Blackburn

🌺Holistic Wellness Mentor & Leader: helping hardworking mamas regain physical, mental, and emotional wellness so they can flourish! 🎮 Game Professor & Scholar, Technical Game Designer

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