I’m not the only one!

Aw (said with a sigh), January = snow = cold. Which is perfect if you like being cold and snow and January.

Well, I don’t. I pretty much hate everything about it and I’m not alone. In fact, I fit right in with the 21% of the people that took this survey:

What is your favorite thing about snow?

Building snowmen, 3%
It’s pretty, 44%
Making snow angels, 1%
School/work closed, 7%
Shoveling, 1%
Skiing, 2%
Sledding, 2%
Snowball fights, 2%
I love everything about it, 17%
I hate everything about it, 21%


Though, clearly, “School/work closed” could easily be called, “I hate everything about snow except that its existence allows me to be lazy every once in a while.” We’ll put that 7% with the hate everything about it 21%, and I do still think it’s pretty so let’s make it a total of 72%. Perfect. I knew I fit right in with at least 72% of the population.

Published by Nancy N. Blackburn

🌺Holistic Wellness Mentor & Leader: helping hardworking mamas regain physical, mental, and emotional wellness so they can flourish! 🎮 Game Professor & Scholar, Technical Game Designer

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