Love wins again!

This is a follow-up post to It’s okay. Read that one first. It’s short like me I promise.

For a recent post on overcoming fear I wanted to link some of the content to a post I wrote on fear a while back. So I did a search on my site and there was my fear post and then, I was shocked to find, a poem about love I’d written had also popped up in the search results. At first it made me scared that it had shown up in the results — why would love cause fear?, was probably my subconscious thinking — but then it made me smile. Of course a poem about love would show up in a search result for fear while I was writing a post about overcoming fear! Love is how you can overcome fear! Not to say that you don’t still feel fear when love is present, because, at least I am, still afraid. But it doesn’t matter that you’re afraid. Everything balanced against the fear when love is involved simply doesn’t hold enough grams of matter and we act despite the fear and the things we are afraid of — and it’s totally worth it no matter the outcome. When we act for love — and of course those actions are legal, ethical, and moral — we can’t lose, not in the long run.

Love wins again!

Published by Nancy N. Blackburn

🌺Holistic Wellness Mentor & Leader: helping hardworking mamas regain physical, mental, and emotional wellness so they can flourish! 🎮 Game Professor & Scholar, Technical Game Designer

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