The fight is.

A really good friend of mine posted this on facebook — If you haven’t noticed I do a lot of my connecting on facebook. If you want to connect look me up in the face land! :):

“A lot of people are asking if it was worth all the millions spent, the time debating back and forth, and everything else associated with this election since we now find ourselves in relatively the same spot before it all began. I say yes, it WAS worth it. It will ALWAYS be worth fighting for a better country; regardless of the result.” ~S.F.

I’ve been thinking about that because it really was worth it. And then I thought, any battle, no matter the cost, is always worth fighting when you’re fighting for righteousness, family, and country, regardless of the result. And then I thought this applies to any life situation! Whenever you stand for what’s right even, and I think especially, when it doesn’t turn out right, it was worth the fight!

Life isn’t kisses, sweet smelling flowers and warm winter breezes — though I do love all those things. Life is a freaking fight and the only one responsible for the results in your life at the end of the day is you. It’s great to have people in your corner who have your back (and I am blessed with several amazing people in my life like you!), but you’re the only one responsible for looking out for you AND the only one who can fight your fight for you.

I’ve had depression for so much of my life that it’s hard to differentiate when I had it and when I didn’t. It makes it very difficult to experience joy and it certainly takes a whack at how you feel about yourself. It’s a constant cycle of “not good enough” and “If I were a better person God would bless me with happiness,” and many other things. And when you feel like a worthless piece of crap that people have stomped on well… it makes it difficult to stand up for yourself when you need to. So I didn’t. So much so that I’d made things rather difficult for myself. When I did finally start standing up for myself I did it in all the wrong ways and made things worse. Which made me go back to just not standing up because things weren’t as bad then.

Life knocked me some hard ones. I got carried out of a few battles. That’s when I truly began to appreciate the people in my corner who have always had my back, believed in me and for me, loved me tirelessly, and even pushed me back into the ring — I didn’t think it was very nice of them at the time, but it was what I needed. I needed to keep fighting but I really needed some help with the strategy of it all. I just didn’t know how to fight to win. Then someone turned the key in my head that was missing. She told me, “Nancy, you are such a trusting person thinking people have your best interest at heart. But they don’t. They’d drop you if that was what was best for them. YOU have to take care of you. You’ve got to stand up for yourself and push for what you want. It’s nice when someone has your back, but you’ve got to have your own.” And, click! Right! I’ve got to fight my fight for me. If worse comes to worse, then it all comes down to what I did for myself and the people I love and whether or not I did everything I could to fight against it; when I leave this life I plan on leaving it proud of what I’ve done.

And life got better. Not easier, by no means easier, and in some ways harder, but better nonetheless.

At the risk of sounding corny — but I’m feeling brave — fight your fight. Stand up for yourself in whatever way you can that is moral, ethical, legal, and tactful. And when you’re fighting the good fight that’s a rule to stand on. Wickedness never was happiness. You may get what you want in the short term, but you’ll never have what you want in the long term if you’re not fighting for the right things with the right reasons and in the right way.

Still, right or no, it can be scary. But be not afraid to do good things. God is always with those who choose the right thing. You may fail, but that’s not the point. The fight is.

“Be willing to take RISKS to achieve your GOALS; Be willing to FALL and willing to RISE again.” ~Anisa Aven

After all, “What is life without a little risk?” (Sirius Black)

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