Why I love essential oils

Maybe you can relate to this: you go to the doctor to find out what is wrong with your body. You spend hundreds of dollars on tests to give your doctor more information so they can properly diagnose you only to have them turn to you and tell you, “I don’t know. Maybe you should stress less,” or “Just stay off your knee and it won’t hurt,” or, worse, they have you try several different compounds that aren’t working only to, many many months later, say, “It just takes time to heal.” Oh really, because it’s been YEARS that I’ve had this problem and with your help it hasn’t even begun to get better! I’m not bitter though. I just have come to recognize that there are some things doctors can’t cure, but alternative medicines sometimes can help the body heal itself, which is better than taking a sugar pill!

That’s when I began using essential oils. I’ve used it for headaches (that I was told I’d have to just “deal with” for the rest of my life), stomach issues (the doctor told me it was just a stress issue and if I stopped stressing the problem would go away. I was 16.), shingles (yes the oils are anti-viral!), and much much more! My favorite part of oils is they extracts from edible foods, which makes them powerful and non-toxic, so no negative side-effects, just positive, scientifically proven, effects. Yes, scientifically proven. You can google them yourself. Just type in a name of an oil (like tea tree or peppermint — my favorite) and “studies” and you’ll pull up a whole bunch of studies on oils. For example, did you know that it’s been proven that just smelling ylang ylang essential oil lowers blood pressure? And since they are just food extracts your body knows how to handle them and flushes them out of the your system too. That means they don’t build up in your system like drugs do so you can use them as you need them (but do give them a few minutes to get to work at least!).

I’ve done a lot of study on essential oils and it is amazing everything that they can do and help the body cure. Of course, essential oils aren’t an end all. They can’t replace a good diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, but they are certainly a part of one (or should be). For instance, did you know that we are exposed to more toxins in a day than our ancestors were in a life time? (I blame industry, but it’s sad because industry could also solve this problem, it just isn’t “profitable” to them. Which is silly, how is ruining the planet’s health profitable to anyone?) Because we are exposed to so many toxins it is good to do a gentle daily cleanse. I put a drop of lemon* (or any other citrus oil for variety) in my morning water every day. The water tastes great (so this is a great trick to use for people who hate the taste of water), and, since Lemon essential oil is the best at dissolving synthetics, the toxins get gently flushed out of your system. That’s not to mention all the other health benefits you’ll get from taking lemon daily, but it’s a good start!

(*Just make sure your lemon oil is at least therapeutic grade for the health benefits and for safety purposes before taking it internally.)

There will be more, much more, to come and while I could just talk about the things that matter most to me, I’d like to know: What ailment (physical, mental, or emotional), or even just help with things like focusing or de-stressing, would you like me to discuss? Let me know in the comments below.

Just a final note, before you use any of my advice from this or any other of my advice articles, just be sure you’ve thought about it, your individual situation, and check with your doctor if necessary. You may need to modify or disregard my advise entirely, but I certainly hope it helps and wish you the best of luck for your situation. Just use your smarts!

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🌺Holistic Wellness Mentor & Leader: helping hardworking mamas regain physical, mental, and emotional wellness so they can flourish! 🎮 Game Professor & Scholar, Technical Game Designer

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