For a long time I didn’t write the things my soul was just dying to express because they didn’t fall into any of the categories where I felt my audiences for my websites would appreciate them. My other sites have very specific topics that my audience expects — for instance, my Art of the Written Word website is specifically for writers, and my readers expect topics on writing and editing. They don’t care about my morning cereal or fall donuts (I know you do though! ;)) — and when I went outside those topics I lost reader interest. So what to do?

I created this site. A site where I could feel free to express what I wanted! To share helpful tips, funny stories and conversations I have, get serious and existential on your bottle top, or just post a picture I took or a painting I made, or some silly graphic I designed in Microsoft Paint. (Don’t diss the Paint!)

And yet, I find myself doubting whether or not it’s okay for me to post certain things. There will always be things I say or write that people won’t care about, post rude comments on, or (gasp!) even disagree with! I could possibly, like I already have, offend someone! Though they didn’t say as much to me until I asked them about it, I know there are someone’s who were offended that my One Song swore. As I wrote it I knew someone was going to get offended, and I’m sorry if you were offended; no offense was intended. I wanted just to express how I felt and dangit all (no censoring there, I really did just say dangit!) “*&%$” was exactly how I felt!  Cause life is hard and the only language harsh enough to describe the crapiness of it all isn’t nice or pretty, or fancy at all. (Btw, if you were one of those people that got/gets offended over the swear word, I don’t mean to be calling you out or telling you to get over it. It just means you’re a much nicer person than I am.)

Back to the point which is that this is my blog. MINE. Why am I letting others expectations limit my desires to share? I’ve got lots of good stuff beyond the poems, funny stories, and even philosophical stuff I’ve posted already. And, Pomegranate!, I’m going to share it! I’m going to share it all whether you like it or not! … But I do hope you like it and share it with your friends on facebook and twitter, and sign up for blog updatessubscribe to my youtube channel, and like me on facebook.

And, though I make no promises, I’ll even try not to offend you. I really do love you.


Nancy out.

Published by Nancy N. Blackburn

🌺Holistic Wellness Mentor & Leader: helping hardworking mamas regain physical, mental, and emotional wellness so they can flourish! 🎮 Game Professor & Scholar, Technical Game Designer

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