Another fairy tale

My mommy wrote me a fairy tale. I thought it only fitting to post it on her wedding anniversary. You’re the best Mom!!

Love Note from Mom: Another fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl but all she had was old dirty rags to live in. She lived in a terrible place that kept telling her that she was ruined and not worth anything. Of course this wasn’t true and when the King invited her to His castle to be dressed in the most beautiful clothes ever the girl looked into the mirrors there and saw that she was very beautiful and fair and that she was one of the most beloved daughters of the King.  The King could not marry this special daughter to just anyone; she needed someone who is noble and valiant.  Most of all, she needed someone who can see her true worth as a princess of the King and love her with all his heart. Fortunately the King knows everything and planned eons ago for this moment in the life of his special daughter and his special son who would be her beloved eternal mate.

The King has sent his son to search for this daughter and he’s looking everywhere to find her… he’s a smile away. So make sure you get up and go to the ball and let the prince dance into your heart. Don’t let the darkness of midnight make you lose your footing on holy places because that’s where the prince will be looking to find you.

I love this handsome prince because he will slip into your life when you least expect it and will always make sure you are loved and live in a castle happily forever after. 

©Copyright Diane Newren 2012. All rights reserved.

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! You’re the best parents a girl could ask for!


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